Can we describe the differences and the similarities between such different sports like tennis and basketball? This question seems a little unbelievably but I will try to make such comparison and we will see what will be the result. In my opinion the similarities between these two sports are easier […]

Do you remember Spud Webb winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1986? Standing at only 5’6″!, Spud beat the defending champion Dominique Wilkins with a variety of nasty dunks – a one-handed 360, a two-handed double pump and a 180 reverse double-pump just to name some. So, it’s clear […]

In order to gain an advantage over the competition in basketball betting, one would need to have a few betting tips at the ready. In the sports betting world, the game of basketball is said to be the most lucrative of all. By concentrating on your game tactics, you will […]

In order to be an offensive threat you must be able to elude your guard whether you have the ball or not. A fake is an act designed to throw your guard off balance, so you can drive past him or free yourself for a shot. Do this by faking […]

Basketball is one of the most accepted and admired sports all over the world, along with football, soccer, and baseball. When a sport is popular it is very obvious for gambler to bet on. Whether it is real time or online sports betting, gambling is done by thousands of punters. […]

There are two very important things that are involved in caring for a basketball jersey. The first step is involved in washing the basketball jersey. The second step is involved in storing the basketball jersey. Washing the basketball jersey There are several steps in the process of washing a basketball […]