Dirk Nowitzki is willing to wait out his swollen right knee while Dallas Maverick fans and coaches hold their universal breaths that the big German will not need arthroscopic surgery. At age 34 Nowitzki is undoubtedly in the tail end of his remarkable career but as of now the Mavericks […]

A basketball player with a good mid-range and outside jumper, good driving skills, and a good post game is considered a pretty complete player. However, a player that develops five more great shots can truly become virtually unstoppable and on his way to becoming a basketball legend. The five great […]

One the things that you must know as a basketball coach, is to get acquainted with the markings ( lines and semicircles ) to know and to understand their meaning and purpose, so that you can pass down the knowledge to the kids. I will try to help you with […]

Lifetime Portable Basketball Goals Models 71522, 71523, and 71524 These portable basketball hoop models can provide shoppers headaches if the product listing is not very thorough. On the surface, they all appear the same: 54-inch backboard, portable base, 3.5-inch round pole. But, there are several factors that make these products […]

Nowadays, it is common to see players who are able to play multiple positions on the court. As everyone knows, there are only five players allowed on the court from each team. Each position on the court can be seen more as a role more than a position. As stated […]

It was December of 1891 at a gymnastics class when the unnamed invention was introduced. Dr. James Naismith. a physical education teacher, introduced his class to a new sport. Dr. James Naismith nailed peach baskets to a lower rail on the balcony at both ends of the YMCA gym and […]

Successful free throw shooting requires confidence, sound mechanics, a routine, relaxation, rhythm and concentration. Routine, relaxation, and rhythm contribute to concentration and confidence. Confidence Think positively. You always shoot from the same place on the line. No one is guarding you. The basket is big. Three and a half balls […]