Ever since I heard of sand-boarding, I’ve been very curious about trying it out. After all, i thought to myself, I’ve already tried surfing and wind-surfing. Surely sand-boarding is not that hard. Well, the answer to that is both yes and no. Depends on how you’re looking at it. Yes, […]

A certain sense of adventure and amusement is generated when it comes to making wagers. It does not mean that one has to go in blind and with no knowledge about the things or events that one gambles on, but there is always the probability that one remains guarded and […]

At such times it is the sports physiotherapists who are responsible in getting them on their feet as fast as possible. The place of sports physiotherapy in the world of sports has come to be recognised as the one of prime importance. Sports physiotherapy centres come to the rescue of […]

Pigeon racing is a pleasurable, in addition to being an enlivening sport. Millions of people globally take pleasure in the sport. The public places bets on the races that last days and weeks relatively than minutes. What does it require to nurture strong and competent racing pigeons? Does it comprise […]

Compared to other team sports, volleyball may involve less physical contact but it is still a challenging sport for the reason that the game entails constant motion. Being purely a rebound sport, no player can hold the ball but can only pass, set, hit, spike or block the ball. The […]