Getty Images Barcelona have publicly announced legal action against El Mundo and denied their involvement after the bombshell details of Lionel Messi’s $674 million contract were leaked. The Argentina international earns around $168.5 million per season with additional benefits since he signed his 2017 extension, and those details are now […]

A team of significant-profile gals athletes and women’s sports advocates is getting on the contentious challenge of transgender women and gals in sporting activities by proposing federal laws to exempt girls’ and women’s competitive sports from President Joe Biden’s current government order that mandates blanket inclusion for all transgender feminine […]

“When I did my due diligence in the commencing, what I read from all people all over the organization was a dogged commitment to developing a culture that did not have that and putting every little thing in put that was desired to move ahead,” he claimed. “And I haven’t […]