I have read hundreds of examples recently where people have taken a 90 day challenge to improve the physical fitness and I love it! What better way to get in physical shape than partner with a community of like-minded individuals? However, with all the focus on a physical challenge, aren’t […]

Leadership has been called the most studied and least understood topic of any in the social sciences. Leadership is the process of providing direction, energizing others, and obtaining their voluntary commitment to the leader’s vision. A leader creates a vision and goals and influences others to share that vision and […]

Many people injure themselves because they are so obsessed with trying to reach 30 minutes of continuous exercise that they do not stop exercising when they feel pain. If you’re out of shape, you should start out by exercising in each session only until your muscles feel heavy or hurt […]

Fitness might mean differently from person to person. For some, it might mean jogging around the block, or going to their gym regularly to do workouts. This is good, as long as you have an active lifestyle. But what about your kids? Did you know that kids do need the […]