It was December of 1891 at a gymnastics class when the unnamed invention was introduced. Dr. James Naismith. a physical education teacher, introduced his class to a new sport. Dr. James Naismith nailed peach baskets to a lower rail on the balcony at both ends of the YMCA gym and […]

Successful free throw shooting requires confidence, sound mechanics, a routine, relaxation, rhythm and concentration. Routine, relaxation, and rhythm contribute to concentration and confidence. Confidence Think positively. You always shoot from the same place on the line. No one is guarding you. The basket is big. Three and a half balls […]

When the Crimson Tide takes on Texas Longhorns in the BCS national championship game on Thursday night; Alabama will be playing for SEC Football’s 19th national title. Or 36th. Or 53rd. Or whatever you like. It depends on they way we determine “national championship” as to what this total may […]