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Self-defence is an art that people in Sydney are excited to learn. The beauty of martial arts is that it helps defend oneself and improve a person’s whole being both mentally and physically. 

Morihei Ueshiba developed this martial art alongside philosophical and religious beliefs. It is to be used to defend yourself and protect your attackers from any severe injury. From the many forms of Japanese martial arts introduced to the world, Aikido is considered a modern form. It’s because of its many different methods.  

Among the most complimented and popular martial arts globally is Aikido, with its astounding set of bokken techniques and where to learn it. Find out more about these techniques below.

What is bokken?

First, the word bokken comes from bok, which means “wood,” while the ken means “sword” in Japanese. The shape and size are somewhat like a katana. Traditionally, the bokken is often made from white oak or red oak. These are sometimes displayed as a few are known to be decorative bokken.

The era in which bokken had emerged in Japanese martial arts history was possible during 1336-1600, known as the Muromachi period. It was a time when samurai warriors went through extensive training in different schools. It was a preferred choice because it is safer to use when training and durable.

It looks harmless at first glance because it is made of wood. However, it is more than that. In truth, these are exceptionally lethal weapons, especially in the hands of a trained Aikido martial artist or trained individual.

What are its different techniques?

Striking and cutting

– Yes, its shape and size are similar to a curve-blade katana. So, it’s a perfect weapon to emphasise slashing and cutting techniques. The training with bokken usually involves cutting attacks. The styles are pretty detailed, from a vertical slash to straight and side cuts. All are intended to hit the opponent in the right areas.  


– In any form of martial arts, it is crucial to know how to block. Blocking the opponents’ attack is essential to surviving the advances done and offers you the opportunity to find an opening and assume the offensive mode. Bokken’s techniques also involve a lot of blocking strikes methods. 

– Side blocks are a magnificent method to stop cuts

– Upward blocks deflects attacks to your head or upper torso

– Thrust attacks are complex, but when executed currently, your opponent will drop their bokken

Where can you learn these techniques or even advanced methods?

It’s astounding to learn Japanese fencing, allowing students to practice and execute the katana techniques in a relatively safer environment. A student becomes more confident to take part and build up their strength further and develop more dexterity.

So, if you want to achieve these, where can you learn aikido bokken techniques in Sydney? You don’t have to look far because all the information you need is only a click here.

Anna C. Knight

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