Four Ways to Choose a Ski Resort for Your Next Vacation

Ski trips are among the most fun and most popular vacations. But with seemingly endless ski resort options, how do you pick the right one? 

Here are a few tips that we hope will help you narrow down your list and choose the perfect ski resort for your next vacation. 

1. Determine How Far You Want to Travel 

Countries around the globe are home to gorgeous ski resorts.  Depending on where you live, you might be a short drive away from a resort—or you might have to hop an international flight. So, the first step in choosing a resort is determining how far away from home you want to go.  

Deciding how far you want to travel for your ski trip will dramatically shorten your list of potential ski resorts. Then you can start researching what each resort has to offer for your particular group. 

2. Cater to Your Fellow Travelers

A lot of ski resorts cater to skiers of all ages and skill levels. However, there are a couple things to keep in mind. 

If there are children joining you, make sure the resort you pick has options like child ski lessons, family-friendly restaurants, and a daycare when the kids need a break from skiing. 

Additionally, consider your fellow travelers’ skiing skill levels. Some resorts are more geared toward beginners or advanced skiers. If you or anyone in your vacation group are new to skiing, make sure your resort offers classes and smaller hills that fit the skill level. 

3. Decide What Amenities You Want 

Sure, you’ll spend a lot of your vacation on the slopes. But what amenities do you want your ski resort to offer you in the few hours each day you’re not skiing? 

Here are a few options you might want your ski resort to offer: 

  • Onsite lodging. Do you want to stay on the mountain or in a nearby village? Check out what lodging options each resort offers.  
  • Evening activities. What bars and restaurants can you hang out at? Are there cultural or social events within or close to the resort that you’re interested in? This might include anything from museums to shopping to taking in a movie at a local theater. 
  • Equipment rental. Especially if you’re a skiing newbie, you might not have the budget to purchase new equipment for your trip. Many ski resorts allow you to rent equipment instead of bringing your own. If this is a must for you, be sure to focus on resorts that offer it. 

4. Check Online Reviews 

Skiers across the globe love to share their experiences at their favorite resorts. And a great way to find the best resort for you is to see what people say online. Take a look at how many reviews each resort has and how they’re rated so you can cross a few resort options off your list. 

Whether you want to visit the HomeLight-sponsored US Ski Team’s training venue at Copper Mountain or have always dreamt of skiing in the Swiss Alps, you can find the perfect ski resort for your next vacation.

Anna C. Knight

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