Most football players can be taught and trained How To Run Fast! Again, in case you forgot, true speed work is defined as 2-8 seconds of full speed, full intensity running with full (minimum of 3 minutes) recovery. If your ‘football speed workouts’ don’t fall under that category, then you […]

Over the course of a football season, players will experience a decline in strength and power without continued strength training. This obviously will affect performance on the field so continuation of the strength program throughout the season is crucial for success. Ten years ago, in-season weight lifting programs were mostly […]

As far as I’m concerned, there are two seasons in America (who cares what the weatherman says!). There’s Football Season and the Offseason. Then there’s everything else in between. Why do I say such a ridiculous thing? Because I”m a Diehard Football fan! Heck, I love it all–as long as […]

Basics for Improving Your Game Football training tips have gotten very sophisticated, mostly because a great football player is a renaissance man in the athletic world. He is a package deal, so to speak. He is amazingly strong and solid with the ability to channel explosive power at that perfect […]