Becky Lynch Defeats Asuka, Gets Added to the Raw Women’s Title Match


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Becky Lynch Defeats Asuka: In the key occasion of Monday Night Uncooked, Becky Lynch fought Asuka in a rematch to get included to the Raw Women’s title match at Hell in the Mobile. Becky Lynch gave a potent get started for the match targeting Asuka. Having said that, the Empress of Tomorrow countered her and locked her in a disarmer. Massive Time Becks slipped to the ropes and smashed Asuka into the ring article.

Massive Time Becks managed the match and humiliated Asuka by attacking her constantly. Even so, Asuka made her comeback and delivered a suplex to Becky. Afterwards, she delivered a working knee to pin Huge Time Becks, but Becky kicked out.

Once again, Becky experimented with to consider control of the match, but she failed to do so. The Empress of Tomorrow caught Becky Lynch on the best rope and delivered a superplex. Both ladies go on the match on the sidelines, in which Asuka knocks Bianca Belair unintentionally.

Later on, Becky Lynch took benefit of the condition and returned to the ring, successful the match with a roll-up pin victory. This produced Becky Lynch formally into the Raw Women’s Championship at Hell in the Mobile.

MVP Defeats Bobby Lashley: Bobby Lashley fought against his previous company lover MVP on Uncooked to choose up the stipulation match for the Hell in the Mobile match. Even though the match begun, MVP tried out to slip as a result of the rings, avoiding Lashley. This enraged Lashley, and he went right after MVP when Omos attacked him.

MVP took edge of this condition and attacked the All-Mighty. Later, MVP sent a functioning knee. Having said that, MVP had a distinctive program in intellect. He introduced Omos into the match creating a rely-out victory towards Bobby Lashley. Though MVP received the match, Lashley sent the Harm Lock to MVP.

Seth Rollins Assaults Cody Rhodes: On the the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes confronted The Miz head-to-head. The Miz begun the match by using up Cody to the corner. Having said that, the American Nightmare backfired with a chop to The Miz’s chest.

The Miz experimented with a number of pictures to preserve Cody Rhodes down but unsuccessful to produce a decisive blow. Rhodes continued the match with consecutive knee strikes to The Miz’s stomach. Later, The Miz obtained a clean up shot on the American Nightmare and kicked him outside the house the ring.

Nevertheless, Rhodes capitalizes on delivering the Cody Cutter. The match took a twisted turn when Seth Rollins attacked Cody Rhodes. The Miz and Seth Rollins attack Cody Rhodes and damage him slamming his knee into the metal measures. Later, Rollins grabbed Cody’s belt from a youthful lover and defeat Rhodes ruthlessly with the belt.

Alexa Bliss Defeats Nikki A.S.H: Alexa Bliss fought her previous ideal buddy, Nikki A.S.H. Equally women of all ages fought tricky but Nikki attempted her best to keep Alexa Bliss off the match. Ultimately, Nikki attempted low-cost methods to earn but finished up losing towards Alexa Bliss with a twisted Bliss.

Veer Mahaan Responses Jerry Lawler: On the the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE Legend Jerry Lawler manufactured his return with his King’s Court docket clearly show. He invited Veer Mahaan to his present and insulted him chatting trash about Veer Mahaan. Nonetheless, Veer Mahaan replied to his trash opinions and gave his rationale to goal the Mysterious.

Later on, Veer Mahaan tried to place his fingers on Jerry Lawler. Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio arrived to Lawler’s assist. Both adult men attempted to assault Veer Mahaan but couldn’t land a decisive blow. In the finish, Veer Mahaan backed off with the Mysterios standing tall in the ring.

Judgement Working day Defeats AJ Kinds and Liv Morgan: AJ Models and Liv Morgan went in a combined tag team match against Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley on Raw. AJ Models and Damian Priest fought with fierce strikes in opposition to just one yet another. Before long, Rhea Ripley tagged in to facial area Liv Morgan. The former husband or wife of Liv Morgan attacked Morgan and decimated her in the ring.

But Morgan backfired on Rhea Ripley, tagging AJ Variations back in the match. AJ Variations kicked off his offensive strikes on Damian Priest. Even so, Rhea Ripley distracted Models which gave an opening for Priest to assault him. Priest ongoing assaulting Styles on the ringside and smashed him on the ringside.

Before long, Morgan tagged in to battle Ripley yet again. Morgan started her offensive strikes on Rhea Ripley and sent a dropkick. Morgan had the higher hand in the match but Edge assisted Rhea Ripley to win the match.

Later that match, Judgement Working day attacked AJ Designs and Liv Morgan decimating the two superstars in the ring.

Bobby Lashley Reveals his All-Mighty Obstacle: Bobby Lashley and Omos confronted for the All-Mighty Challenge on Uncooked. The former WWE Champion stipulated a match from MVP and the winner of the match will pick the stipulation for the Hell in the Mobile match in between Bobby Lashley and Omos. Sooner or later, MVP attempted to attack Bobby Lashley in the back again but finished up receiving knocked out by Bobby Lashley.

Riddle Destroys The Usos and Sami Zayn: Monday Night Raw kicked off with a six-male tag group match amongst Riddle and The Road Revenue vs The Usos and Sami Zayn. But Riddle unleashed an assault before the match even started. All six adult men fought on the ramp with Riddle furiously attacking the Usos.

Later on, all gentlemen bought into the ring to kick start out the match. The match started with Sami Zayn and Angelo Dawkins. On the other stop, Riddle was eagerly waiting around for the tag towards the Usos. Shortly, Montez Ford switched tags and introduced Sami Zayn in the corner tagging in Riddle. As before long as Riddle tagged in, he targeted the Usos on the other corner and unleashed consecutive strikes on Sami Zayn.


The match continued with Riddle and The Usos in the ring with Riddle’s furious putting continually. The Street Revenue and Riddle experienced comprehensive management over the match until eventually Sami Zayn got his momentum in the match from Montez Ford. In the ring, the Usos dominated the Montez Ford. Having said that, he capitalized by tagging Riddle.

Once all over again, Riddle went against The Usos destroying bodies in the ring. Later, he took Sami Zayn in his clutches for DDT. In the meantime, The Usos fled away leaving Sami Zayn. The match finished with an RKO to Sami Zayn to protected the victory for his workforce.

Riddle Addresses WWE Universe: Monday Night time Uncooked kicked off with the previous Uncooked Tag Staff Winner Riddle. He resolved his recent loss to The Usos past 7 days. On the other hand, Riddle gave a observe on Randy’s absence and ultimately hinted about the stop of RK-Bro. In addition, he confident the WWE Universe he will ruin the Usos and Roman Reigns and have his vengeance contacting Reigns a piece of trash.

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