Attraction to the new fitness movement


My fitness journey started since I was in middle school in 8th grade.

I had a health teacher who encouraged me to be part of her gym group. I felt inspired every time we went to the gym for the aerobics class, it was a great experience that I felt passionate about.

Ever since, I fell in love with aerobics.

After graduating from High School I gave birth to my only son, I was 21 years old by then.

After becoming a mother, I decided to focus on my son and College and left aside the aerobics and gym.

I still felt the need of working out and was feeling that I need it to continue with what I love that is dance and fitness.

I got to work in a gym back in 2007, I was an aerobics instructor.

During my aerobics sessions, I taught basic steps and had a mixed class with different rhythm.

Unfortunately, the gym closed .

So, I started my research and found out about Zumba.

I was really attracted to this new fitness movement, I envisioned a great opportunity in combining dance with workouts, this was a true excitement for me.

After discovering Zumba I felt so passionate I decided to teach Zumba and completed my certifications.

Now it been 10 years as a Zumba instructor and has been the best thing that has happened to me.

As a Zumba instructor and Zumba kids instructor it been a blessing learning from experts from Zumba, colleagues and students.

I love meeting new people, interact with them on the dance floor and out of the dance floor .

To be part of peoples workouts, helping them get rid of stress while having fun dancing I’ve enjoyed every part of it.

On the other side, with my little ones I show them how important is to have an active healthy life incorporating games and Zumba.

Zumba is not only about dance fitness beside burning calories is about connecting with people that at the end it even feels like family.

Doesn’t matter your age, anybody is capable to achieve what they love just set your mind for what you want, work for it, believe in your self and it will come true.

(Erica Polanco)


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