4 Signs That You Are Made to Become an Explorer

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Many people desire to explore the world but find themselves holding back for various reasons, such as financial or health issues. However, the most common cause was that only a few people felt they had what it takes to be an explorer.

If you have the desire to explore, it can be understood that you have the drive to explore. In reality, anyone can be an explorer – all you need is passion, willpower, and the determination to see your whole exploration trip through. We will also share some signs that can help determine if you have a passion for exploration.

Interested in the Experience, Rather Than in Items

Explorers and travelers tend not to be concerned about the items or things they have. But instead, they are more attracted to the idea of experiencing travel and seeing the world.

Getting Absorbed in New Cultures

Most explorers have found themselves interested in all kinds of cultures around the world. So if you ever feel like you enjoy a new meal that you were invited to eat or have been listening to people speak other languages and wanted to learn it, traveling may be in the cards for you.

You Like Taking Risks

This focuses on how trying something new or pursuing a new venture and putting yourself out there pumps you. You are not opposed to taking risks, and getting out of your comfort zone to try out new things excites you – a trait required by every explorer.

Being Cool With Strangers

Not detecting strangers is another quality that most explorers have. They find friendship amongst strangers and are great at chatting with them and learning all kinds of things. They can deal with meeting new people and connecting with them almost instantly.

You can see a prime example of this by looking at Yousef Hamed Al Refaie, a revered adventurer, mountaineer, and explorer known to be the best in the field from all over the globe.

His most notable feat includes being the youngest man – the 24th worldwide and the first Middle East and Arab – to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits Challenge. He has plans to finish the Seven Summits and the Seven Deserts of the World.

As a passionate soul with a heart for adventure, Al Refaie has spent many years exploring, venturing on mountaineering experiences, and making a name for him. Back in 2015, he decided to start his mountaineering career and ventured on to the Volcanic Seven Summit Challenge with Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Some of his other summits include the Elbrus in Russia, Mount Giluwe in the continent of Oceania, the Ojos Del Salado in Chile, and Damavand, Iran. Then recently, it was Sidley, Antarctica. And he will not stop there. As an adventurer, these are only a few glimpses of what he can accomplish, and we are looking forward to many of his new adventures to come in the future.

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